Take Action

Make Your Voice Heard!

You can have a voice in the Capitol

Calling and emailing your elected officials gets your voice heard loudest by Legislators and their staff, find your elected officials here

When contacting your legislator via phone or email there are a few rules to keep in mind to make your contact more meaningful:

  • Keep your contact short and to the point. Any staff or legislator you contact during legislative session is juggling hundreds of bills and conversations every day and focusing your conversation will make you more memorable later on.
  • Have your facts handy, but don't get lost trying to cram every fact and statistic into your conversation. If you're using specific numbers double check their accuracy first, the Center for Public Policy Priorities Blog on the budget is a great resource for this

Twitter and Facebook have become important parts of the legislative process and can help get the attention of legislators, but often do not get the same attention as phone calls and emails. However, these are great tools to see what your legislator is doing throughout their day and an outlet for information sharing on topics relevant to their activities.



If you are interested in testifying in person at the capitol citizens are often invited to speak on specific issues before committees. Average citizens are the most effected by changes in the budget, insurance regulation, and dozens of other issues which come before the Texas legislature in a session. If you are one of these effected citizens you have a role to play in the legislative procedure in Austin. For more information on Testifying click here.